Sandalwood Companies

Brain Chamber Technologies work for the preservation of Indian sandalwood. We works from plantation of sandawood upto making commercial value products from it. Indian sandalwood has high demand for this products in domestic and international market and graph of demand goes increasing till date.

sandalwood plant Sandalwood Society

We work to gather sandalwood growers under one roof so we can preserve this usefull plant and increase its plantation and make it more commercial.

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sandalwood plant Sandalwood Corporation

We work as an group of company in sandalwood sectors. Our vision is to produce high quality Indian sandalwood and export it in global market.

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sandalwood plant The Hall of Sandalwood

We hold the group companies which focus on the preservation of sandalwood to show how sandalwood is effective and make it more commercial in global market.

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Sandalwood Benefits


Sandalwood Oil Benefits For Skin

Sandalwood oil is well know as an anti agent for skin. If you have ugly scars on skin then it acts as an cicatrizant and makes your skin smooth.


Used As An Antiseptic Agent

Sandalwood oil has its foot print as an antiseptic agent from ancient time. It is use to prevent injuries, boils from getting gangrenous and infections too.


Boosts Renal Health

By having sandalwood oil can curb down the soreness in excretory system an create cooling effect internaly.


Great Health Tonic For Kids

You can let your kids to consume sandalwood oil without any fear. Its safe to kids. It has excellent positive effect on your internal organs so your kid can consume it without any concern.


Drives Away Stress And Anxiety

Sandalwood oil easily eliminates tension stress, fear and agitations from human body. It has calming effect on your nervous system.


Helps Boost Memory

Its help to stimulates brain cells and nerves and increase the concentration and memory power.


Sandalwood tree is an commercial plant demanded for its beautiful fragrance aroma of its inner heartwood. It has high demand in international market.

In India two species of sandalwood family are found white sandalwood and red sandalwood. The fragrant wood is use as incense, medicine and for carvings. From the heartwood of tree oil is extracted which is use in perfume industries. All part of sandalwood come to use for making oil and powder too.

  • In Perfume and Fragrance Industries
  • In Medicine
  • In Soaps Manufacturing
  • For Carving
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